Panama Canal Expansion

The expansion project doubles the capacity for cargo passing through the Panama Canal. The expansion is the largest project in the Panama Canal since the original construction.

The program consists of constructing two new sets of locks. One on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal, and one on the Pacific side. Each of these new locks has been constructed with three chambers. Each of these chambers now have three water basins to recycle and reuse the water – totaling nine water basins on each side.

The project also widened and deepened the current navigational channels in the Gatun Lake, as well as deepening the Culebra Cut.

After almost a decade of construction, two years delay, and $1 billion over budget, the long-awaited storied canal was opened in June of 2016.


You can read more at USA Today

You can also watch live webcams of the construction here!

You can read the full report on the progress here.

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