Pipeline Road – Soberanía National Park

Why do I want to visit Pipeline Road?

Pipeline road runs north and south through Soberanía National Park for 17.5km. It’s a popular destination for bird-watchers as it’s one of the best places to see tropical birds in the Americas! Over 500 species of birds can be spotted, as well as other animals such as the Anteater.

Soberania National Park has humid tropical forests and is located only 20 minutes from Panama City and 40 minutes from Columbus. This park is home to over 1,300 plant species and 525 bird species. They have also been identified 105 species of mammals, 79 species of reptiles and 55 amphibians between others.3 Soberania National Park is part of the biological corridor of protected areas in the Panama Canal Zone also includes the Metropolitan Natural Park, Camino de Cruces National park and Lake Gatun.

One of the best places to observe birds in Panama and around the world is famous trail called Pipeline Road, also known as Pipeline Road. The road passes through rainforest National Sovereignty Park and offers excellent conditions for nature lovers. The same road is in good condition and it is possible to walk him walking on foot or mountain bike riding. Browse it all is not easy because it is 16.5 kilometers outward and other 16.5 kilometers (what a surprise) back. During the ride tourists must cross several rivers, which are another attractive way. The first part of the road are moderate hills but the secondary part are hills of consideration, and one needs to be in good physical condition (not like me).

The road was built during World War II by US soldiers. The purpose was to maintain planned oil pipeline which transport oil in case of a bombing Panama Canal.

As I mentioned before the main attraction are the birds. Each year a Christmas count is done. In 1996 in one day 525 bird species that is a global phenomenon were registered. Not only are birds that can be found in the Soberania National Park. In the park live 105 species of mammals (to name a few deer, agouti, monkey, raccoon, cat alone, jaguar), 79 species of reptiles, 55 species of amphibians and 31 species of freshwater fish.

At the entrance road is an environmental education center Panama Rainforest Discovery center. The center has a system of terrestrial paths and elevated platforms in the treetops so that visitors can enjoy close contact with nature. For example observe up close the area acrobatics hummingbird is an unforgettable show.

When you visit the way do not forget to bring enough water, something to eat, insect repellent and appropriate clothing for the event if it rains. In the rainy season there may be a lot of mud on the road. The road is open to the public every day from 6:00 to 16:00.

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